What Is The Synced Podcast?

The dynamic duo from the popular podcast, Race to 35, is back! The Synced Podcast With Liz Plank and Monica Padman presented by Armchair Expert is a critically acclaimed digital series that focuses on diverse topics which range from sexuality, relationships, fertility, how to freeze your eggs, and more!

Who is Liz Plank?

Liz Plank is an award-winning journalist, an international bestselling author, and an executive producer at Vox. When she is not writing or producing, Liz spends her days podcasting with Monica Padman on The Synced Podcast.

Who is Monica Padman?

Monica Padman is a master’s degree holder who has experienced fertility issues firsthand as well as being the co-host of the Synced podcast. When she is not podcasting, Monica works as a consultant in the nonprofit sector and is passionate about helping people understand fertility issues.

Monica also speaks at conferences around the world on the topic of fertility and how it affects society. Her mission is to provide information and access to resources that can help others make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

The Synced Podcast Target Demographic

Since the podcast is focused on the topic of fertility, it is safe to say that this podcast is primarily suited towards women who are trying to become mothers. That said, men are trying to become fathers are more than welcome to listen and engage in the conversation.

‎How To Advertise On The Synced Podcast?

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