Creating Original Sponsored Programming

Innovation Counts In Today's

That’s why RadioActive Media has led the way in developing original sponsored podcasts and radio programs for our clients. Unlike infomercials, our programming is honest, engaging, and polished. By creating sought-after journalistic content, RadioActive’s programs build credibility with information-hungry listeners fatigued by traditional advertising pitches.

Our creative team develops original content that connects brands and consumers

RadioActive Media has developed and launched a sponsored audio program that helped homebuyers and homeowners reach their goals. This program aired in over 35 markets. Some other unique projects we’ve helped develop and distribute include:

  • Expedia Travel Radio (125 markets nationwide, with sponsors including Microsoft and AT&T)
  • The E-Trade Weekend Report
  • A Touch of Romance
  • The Mating Game (sponsored by Meet a Mate)
  • HR Radio (60min weekly show geared towards small to medium businesses and job seekers)
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create your own podcast

Create Your Own Podcast

Podcasting has quickly revolutionized the way listeners consume media. Many savvy celebrities, influencers, and businesses in turn, have successfully used podcasting to build massive followings that can successfully be monetized. 

RadioActive Media can help you produce, develop and market your own podcast. Podcasting can create opportunities to demonstrate industry expertise, build an audience, and connect with thought leaders.

The path from idea to podcast release is complex. We can help you avoid missteps and build a successful podcast that expands your reach and attracts listeners.

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