Advertising on the Radio

What is Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising is buying commercials air time to promote products or services in radio stations as live read, onsite broadcasting events, sponsorships, or traditionally Produced Spots. Advertising on the radio is a gigantic opportunity for brands to convey their brand message to a loyal radio audience.

Buying Radio Advertising

There are three main ways that companies buy advertising for radio: via individual radio show’s sales department, via network, or the most efficient means of going through an agency. At Radioactive Media, we are strong proponents in the economies of scale associated with placing ads through an experienced radio ad agency.

 ROI Based Radio Advertising

  • As of early 2019, 67% of Americans ages 12 and older had listened to online radio in the past month, while 60% had listened in the past week. This is up slightly from 64% and 57%, respectively, in 2018, continuing online radio’s steady year-over-year growth.
  • Online radio listening in cars, such as listening to AM/FM stations online or streaming other online audio, remained steady after years of increase. In 2019, 41% of Americans ages 12 and older have ever listened to online radio in a car using a phone, up from just 5% in 2010.

According to Pew Research Center 

Lock in the more reasonable ad rates for radio RIGHT NOW, while the other channels costs keep skyrocketing.

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The Power Of Radio

1 %
Of Americans listen to Radio weekly
1 M
Pandora's Active users
1 %
Radio Stations Owned By iHeartMedia
1 %
ROI for every dollar spent on Radio

Premier Radio Partners

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Find The Right Vertical

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Terrestrial Radio

Local FM and AM radio stations maintain a loyal following of daily listeners across the United States

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Satellite Radio

Sirius XM has over 51 Million active listeners and is home to some of the largest radio personalities

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Streaming Radio

Pandora, Spotify & iHeartRadio have quickly become the platforms of choice for music lovers 

Amplify Your Message With
The Right Influencer

We connect our clients with influencers, radio personalities, podcast personalities and celebrities who will resonate with their target demographic

RadioActive Media is more than just a media buyer, we are a full-service, ROI based agency partner

Why RadioActive Media?

When working with an agency you gain the power of collective bargaining. You can get valuable packages that are only available through preferred agents.

Many networks sell bundles that appear to give more spots, when in reality they do not air when the client wishes. RadioActive Media has long-term relationships in the industry that can save you money and assure the best results.

RadioActive Media’s hands-on approach includes overseeing the scheduling of commercials to ensure that our clients’ spots are running at optimal times – during their business hours, or when they will be most effective. We have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients to “scale-up” their campaigns as they become more successful from integrating radio into their marketing mix.

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Boost ROI with our proprietary SMS text messaging software

RadioActive Media has been on the forefront on integrating technology to provide precise attribution. Our unique 511-511 code allows for listeners and viewers to easily recall the call- to-action.

Our industry leading platform sees up to 9x more leads compared to traditional methods. Our RTM (Radio Text Messaging) product effortlessly delivers the listener directly to the site which you wish to drive traffic, with an up to 88% click-thru rate.

RadioActive Media was the first audio advertising agency to actively use Text Messaging over 11 years ago in our direct response radio commercials.

The RadioActive Way

We are so much more than just a media buyer, we are a full-service agency partner dedicated to producing results and generating a return on your investment.

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Media Planning

  • Proprietary platform to select the right channels for cross-media campaigns
  • Unique insights on Talent Selection
  • Audience qualitative and demographics
  • Competitor advertising trends and analysis

Media Buying

  • The buying power from placing millions of dollars each year
  • Exclusive relationships with talent
  • Millions in remnant media
  • The Goal is always to get you “the best bang for your buck”
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Winning Creative

  • An incomparable creative team led by award winning writers, directors and producers
  • Strategically developed creative with unique call-to-actions to convert listeners into leads & customers
  • Daily management & optimization 

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