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Bradley Martyn is a well-known name in the fitness industry, with a large following on social media and a successful podcast, Rawtalk. With new episodes every week, the Rawtalk podcast has become a go-to source for fitness enthusiasts looking for informative and entertaining content.

What Is Rawtalk?

Rawtalk, also known as the Bradley Martyn Podcast, takes you inside the life of Bradley Martyn. With guests ranging from top athletes, CEOs, and influencers, the Rawtalk podcast covers a wide range of topics related to fitness, mindset, entrepreneurship, and more. The unfiltered conversations give listeners an authentic look into the world of fitness and what it takes to achieve success in all aspects of life.

Advertising Opportunities

With over 300k downloads per month, advertising on Rawtalk gives your brand exposure to a large and engaged audience. The Rawtalk podcast has a diverse listenership, reaching fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking for motivation and inspiration. Advertising on Rawtalk can help your brand reach a targeted audience and get noticed by potential customers.

Sponsorship Packages

Rawtalk offers various sponsorship packages to fit the needs of different brands. These packages include pre-roll and mid-roll ad placements, social media mentions, banner ads on the podcast’s website, and more. With customizable options, your brand can choose the best package to fit your advertising goals and budget.

Target Audience

The Rawtalk podcast audience consists of individuals primarily between the ages of 18-35, with a passion for fitness and self-improvement. With a strong social media presence, the Rawtalk podcast attracts listeners from all over the world and continues to grow its reach.

Types of Guests and Topics

Rawtalk has a diverse range of guests and covers various topics related to fitness, leadership, mindset, and more. Each weeks special guest include some notable names such as:

  • Logan Paul – A popular YouTuber known for his Podcast and Energy Drink
  • Jake Paul – A popular YouTuber known for his boxing matches and viral content
  • ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley – A professional MMA fighter
  • Erika Costell – An influencer with a large social media following.
  • Erika Calabrese – In the Erika episode, Rawtalk dives into Erika’s celebrity DMs, generating 20 million in one year, and predictions involving Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.
  • Special Guest Aljamain SterlingOn March 2021, Aljamain Sterling won the UFC Bantamweight Championship by defeating Petr Yan
  • Chito Vera – On fighting Sean O’Malley, PED’s, and more

The conversations with these guests offer unique insights and perspectives, making Rawtalk a popular choice among listeners.

Why Advertise on Podcasts?

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands to reach their target audience in an intimate and engaging way. Unlike traditional advertising, podcast ads are integrated into the content and delivered by the host, making them more personal and impactful. With listeners tuning in for extended periods, podcast ads also have a longer lifespan compared to other forms of advertising.

Bradley Martyn Promo Codes

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Ex. Underdog Fantasy uses ‘Code Bradley’:

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