Advertising on Sirius XM Radio

Sirius XM

The merger of Sirius and XM Radio in 2007 created a single stopping point for consumers of satellite radio and a single port of call for advertisers looking to reach those consumers. By taking audience demographics and the nature of the medium into account, advertisers on Sirius XM have the opportunity to pinpoint their message and couch it in a way that is more acceptable to most consumers.

The Power of Personality

Most advertising opportunities on Sirius XM are found on their sports, news, and talk channels. All major sporting leagues have games broadcast over satellite radio, and there’s no shortage of popular on-air personalities who have their own channel (and the audience that accompanies it). While these channels accept traditional pre-recorded ads, their true potential lies in having the host present the ads personally.

By using these familiar faces, either from talk shows or in the broadcast booth, advertisers on Sirius are able to deliver their message to the audience in a fashion that feels less like an ad, and more like a recommendation from a friend.

Audience Identification

Because so many channels on Sirius XM are narrow in focus, the audience may feel that companies who choose to advertise on those channels are speaking directly to them. It’s not automatic, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the advertisement doesn’t need to be well crafted, but it does provide a leg up in a world where every inch counts.

This sense of community, when combined with the personal appeal of celebrity show hosts, can help create a sense of brand loyalty at a pace much faster than seen in other media. This kind of fast growth potential is one of the reasons that Sirius XM should be considered as a component in any well-planned advertising campaign.