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The Rachel Bilson Podcast, Broad Ideas is the perfect platform to reach a wide and targeted audience. It’s a great way to get your message out and spread the word about your brand while still keeping it fun, lighthearted, and engaging. With Rachel Bilson at the helm of this project, you know that there will be no shortage of good content or laughs!

Who Is Rachel Bilson?

Outside of Broad Ideas, Rachel Bilson is a well-known actress and producer who rose to fame in 2003 due to her role as Summer Roberts on the popular TV series The O.C. She has since appeared in several television shows, films, music videos and even hosted a few talk shows. She is also an avid reader, writer and entrepreneur who loves to make people laugh.

What Is Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson?

Broad Ideas features Rachel Bilson in her very own podcast and her long-time best friend Olivia Allen engaging in casual conversations about topics like dating, their belief (or lack of) in ghosts, and more. Throughout the podcast, they will be joined by old friends, young friends, new friends, and some yet-to-be met friends, sparking casual discussions on a wide range of subjects similar to those you would have with your girlfriends.

Popular Episodes On Broad Ideas

Ellie Kemper

On the Ellie Kemper episode, the ladies discuss the challenge of explaining crucifixion to her kids, expressing gratitude, parenting philosophies, and more. To hear more from Ellie, check out her new podcast “Born To Love” on iHeartMedia and Big Money Players Network, available on all podcast platforms.

Amanda Hirsch

Amanda Hirsch a.k.a. Not Skinny But Not Fat talks about manifestation, opens up on Pete Davidson, the tabloids blowing up and more.

Christina Ricci

During their conversation, Christina discusses her challenging upbringing, insincere apologies, and a disturbing dream involving a horse with Rachel and Olivia. They also discuss women leading with looks when complementing each other, our influence on our children, and putting youthful beauty on a pedestal.

Rachel Pally

On the Rachel Pally episode, Rachel (Palley) delves into her design philosophy, designer origin story, experiences with panic attacks, and home birth. The discussion also touches on maintaining a work-life balance while being a parent, shared childhood and teenage memories, the importance of meditation, and recognizing addictive tendencies in children.

Popular Topics


Sex is often a focal point of discussion in many of the Broad Ideas talks. These conversations are informative, humourous, or a bit jarring.

Mental Health

On the Broad Ideas Podcast, the topic of mental health is often addressed in a compassionate and open way. Rachel and Olivia discuss their own experiences with mental health issues as well as share the stories of others, while offering hope for anyone struggling with similar issues. They also provide resources for those interested in learning more or seeking help.

Judgement Based On Looks

Rachel and Olivia discuss judging people based on looks and how it can lead to a lack of empathy and self-awareness.


Rachel and Olivia discuss confidence and self-love. They talk about their own experiences growing up and discuss the importance of being kind to each other and ourselves in order to foster positive thoughts.

How To Advertise On The Rachel Bilson Podcast

If you or anyone you know is interested in advertising on Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson, there are a few things to consider:

Set Your Advertising Budget

When starting any sort of advertising campaign, it’s important to set a budget that is comfortable for you. Knowing how much money you are willing to spend on advertising will help you create targeted campaigns and track their effectiveness.

Create Your Content

Creating your own content is just as important; it should grab the listener’s attention and introduce your product or service in an engaging way. On the Broad Ideas Podcast with Rachel Bilson, you can create a fun yet informative ad that will leave listeners with a great impression.

Create A Discount Code

If you need help with discount code ideas, look no further! The Broad Ideas team is already using code Rachel with existing sponsors. If code Rachel is already taken, there are other existing promo code ideas listed in the description of each Broad Ideas episode.

Get In Touch With A Podcast Advertising Agency

The best way to get your branding message out there is by working with a podcast advertisement agency such as RadioActive Media. Our team specializes in helping you create the perfect ad and getting it aired on the Rachel Bilson Podcast. With years of experience and industry connections in their network, we know exactly how to make sure that your business gets noticed.