Advertise on the Matt Walsh Podcast

Tired of the mainstream narrative? Matt Walsh gives a noholdsbarred take on the issues of today.

Who is Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh is an American conservative blogger, writer, and podcast host. He rose to prominence through his blog called “The Matt Walsh Blog” where he shares his own narrative on various social and political issues. In addition to writing, Matt also hosts a daily podcast called “The Matt Walsh Show” which has gained a large following over the years.

What is the Matt Walsh Show?

The Matt Walsh Show is a daily podcast where Matt shares his thoughts and opinions on current events, politics, culture, and more. He often invites guests to join him in discussing these topics, providing diverse perspectives and insights. The show takes a conservative viewpoint and has a loyal following of listeners who tune in regularly for Matt’s unique blend of humor, wit, and commentary.

Topics Discussed On Matt Walsh

  • Finally hearing news told through firsthand experiences
  • Today’s cultural environment in the United States
  • Coverage of the Biden Administration
  • Cultural, religious, and political issues (Ex. The next World War and the Middle East)
  • How the “ebony alert” system designed specifically for missing black people and how it racially segregated the whole missing person system
  • What’s happening abroad and where we stand potentially as a country

Matt Walsh Show Demographics

The Matt Walsh Show has a strong and growing audience, with over 1 million downloads per month. The majority of the listeners fall in the age range of 25-44 years old and are highly educated individuals with a college degree or higher. This makes advertising on the show an attractive opportunity for businesses looking to reach a well-educated and engaged audience.

Advertising Opportunities

There are various advertising opportunities available on The Matt Walsh Show, including sponsorships, live reads, and pre-recorded commercials. These can be tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of the advertiser. Additionally, the podcast also offers social media promotion and mentions during live events.

Why Advertise on The Matt Walsh Show?

Matt Walsh plays an important role in creating a broader point of view in today’s mainstream culture. Unlike many of the talking heads from corporate media outlets, Matt Walsh brings a fresh and authentic perspective to the table.

Advertising on The Matt Walsh Show provides a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and loyal audience. The show’s listeners are educated, motivated, and actively seeking out information and products that align with their values. By advertising on the podcast, businesses can tap into this targeted market and gain exposure for their brand.

Benefits of Advertising on The Matt Walsh Show

  • Reach a highly engaged and loyal audience
  • Target a demographic of educated and motivated individuals
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure
  • Opportunity for customized advertising options
  • Potential for social media promotion and mentions during live events
  • Advertising on Rumble

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Overall, advertising on The Matt Walsh Show offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to connect with a targeted audience and gain exposure for their brand. With Matt’s engaging commentary and loyal listener base, it is a platform that should not be overlooked by businesses looking to reach a conservative demographic.

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