There is always strategy involved in advertising, and the same holds true for radio. Radio marketing strategy differs from other types because of its unique forum, which requires special attention to areas otherwise thought unimportant. It is important to have an organized plan when starting any marketing project so there is a clear path to follow.

One thing to consider when developing a radio marketing strategy is the audience affiliated with the radio station, channel, or network. This is easier with local radio stations that have a clear following based on shared musical tastes or political views and attitudes. Listeners can usually be broken into age groups and subcultures based on the type of music or the political leaning by a host heard on a particular station or channel. This changes when looking at internet radio, which allows a more customized radio experience and therefore reaches a wider audience.

Radio marketing strategy differs from other types of marketing strategies because the forum of radio requires an audio presentation, exclusively. Unlike other types of advertising, which rely primarily on colors and imagery, radio marketing must focus solely on the audio message. This may not seem like a difficult task, but creating high quality audio commercials has become an art form. Special attention must be paid to the tone of the commercial, the voice of the actor(s), sound effects and music. All of these things must blend together to form something audibly stimulating for the listener.

It is also necessary to consider a direct advertisement or a direct response advertisement with a clear cut call to action. Consider the angle how the product is being presented, and decide the best method to for your market. Advertising agencies, such as RadioActive Media, can be very helpful in creating the production at all stages of the radio marketing strategy process. They have specialists that are familiar working in the industry and are knowledgeable in what is required to produce a successful marketing campaign.

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