With new technology appearing on the market everyday, from computers to cell phones, the advertising markets are constantly changing and evolving. While print advertising, like newspapers and magazines, may have been a high priority for advertisers at one time, this form of media is decreasing in popularity. With the introduction of the internet and mobile media, many people rely less on print media to receive their information. It is important to consider these factors, and research various platforms, when deciding how and where to advertise. Local radio advertising can be very successful for certain types of promotional purposes.

Local radio, like print media, has lost popularity with the introduction of CD players, mp3 players, and satellite radio. Internet radio is also becoming a major competitor, as it allows a more customized musical experience for the listener. Those who will benefit most from local radio advertising are local businesses and event promoters.

With local radio advertising, clients have the opportunity to directly target customers within a given geographic area. Often with local radio, there are ample opportunities to integrate the radio campaign with other promotional opportunities, including onsite events. This creates a very strong synergy when implementing a local campaign.

Similarly, local radio affords the advertisers to utilize a “home town” approach to communicate with prospective customers. Utilizing the local radio and on air personalities gives the listener the sense that the advertiser is a part of the community.

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