At RadioActive Media we pride ourselves in being a partner with our clients in proactively implementing your radio advertising campaign. We distinguish ourselves by integrating a direct response marketing component into each advertising campaign. We keep an eye on your advertising campaign and have a finger on the pulse. Campaigns are monitored in real time allowing us to make swift changes to achieve your future goals.

RadioActive Media partners with your firm to devise a one of a kind media strategy to increase the overall bottom line in radio advertising sales. Often, many major companies who do not value the power of radio may have once unsuccessfully utilized this medium, having no way to measure its ultimate success. Our radio marketing campaigns are unique in that they have a direct response radio marketing component integrated into them, allowing for tangible results.

Our unbiased approach to radio marketing allows for us to prescribe a mix of radio stations, networks, programs and radio personalities which will work to achieve your ultimate goals. We do not simply seek to fill up radio air time. Upon agreeing on the suggested radio advertising mix, RadioActive Media will negotiate the best possible rates to fit with your budget. In addition, we work on your behalf to get better advertising spot placements, bonus radio spots and commercials as well as online and other promotional components added into your overall radio marketing campaign.

In this age of corporate downsizing and economic downturns where radio stations and networks are eliminating Account Executives and Salespeople, RadioActive Media takes pride in continuing to provide our clients top notch service and creative development.

Once your campaign commences, RadioActive Media engages our clients and constantly provides up to date activity information. We will keep in constant communication with the radio stations & radio networks to work as one team to ensure the success of your radio advertising campaign. Our proactive approach to your campaign enables us to work in concert with radio stations, radio networks, and radio talent to tweak your message to get the desired response. Your success is our success in Radio Marketing.