The Rush Limbaugh Effect Is Powerful

Rush Limbaugh has been the number one talk radio host in the country and has held that position for over two decades. Still to this day, his program reaches an audience of over 11.6 million listeners each week. His program airs on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations throughout the US. Almost all stations air the … Read More

Storytelling Making A Comeback Through Podcasts

Stories have followed us since ancient times. Anecdotal information has been passed down from many generations ago that we still hold dearly to our hearts. Storytelling has stuck with us today because they continue to draw us in. Stories have this universal structure where the protagonist faces a conflict, thus bringing attention to the listener, and it engages them. There … Read More

Pull Off A Successful Marketing Mix With Radio

Client success is crucial to us here at RadioActive Media. That’s why we want to provide our clients with the best possible strategy within their budget. Don’t believe us? Check out the fantastic results our client, NordVPN have been seeing! NordVPN is an online security service provider. They allow you to keep your business private on the Internet and they … Read More