RadioActive Media provides a wide range of media services.

• An unparalleled creative department for producing and designing commercials
• World class brand building
• Identification of target audience & optimal channels for promoting your products & services
• Procuring professional talent to voice and endorse your advertising
• Providing innovative calls to action and promotional strategies
• Media Buying & Strategic Scheduling
• Buying power created by placing large orders each month
• Daily management & optimization

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    Media Planning

    • Proprietary platform to select the right channels for cross-media campaigns
    • Unique insights on Talent Selection
    • Audience qualitative and demographics
    • Competitor advertising trends and analysis

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    Media Buying

    • The buying power from placing millions of dollars each year
    • Exclusive relationships with talent
    • Millions in remnant media
    • Automated payment tools
    • The Goal is always to get you “the best bang for your buck”

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    Extraordinary Creative

    • A Creative Team that is incomparable led by award winning writers
    • Strategically developed with unique call-to-actions to drive listeners to you!
    • Daily Management & Optimization

Efficiencies + Quality + Engagement + Optimization = Performance

RadioActive Media has pioneered the use of Text Messaging with its Direct Response Audio and Podcast campaigns. We know how to effectively marriage the capabilities of today’s smartphones using GPS tracking, QR Code Recognition, and Augmented Reality, so that a campaign’s effectiveness can be boosted up to 70% more. And some of them have seen as high as a 90% click thru rate. RadioActive was the first to harness this technology with audio back in 2009, and have utilized text messaging effectively ever since.

New Media

With Advent of the latest technologies RadioActive Media is at the forefront of generating more results with higher conversion for your brands through marketing on YouTube, Over The Top networks, Facebook, Mobile Marketing, and other New Digital Media Technologies that until now have never been possible.


Our award -winning creative is all developed in-house by the most talented team of innovators. All of our creative is designed to elicit a response from the listener by embedding compelling and memorable messages in each of our commercials. We work with some of the industry’s most recognizable voice performers and audio personalities to drive customers to you.

Original Programs

Innovation counts in today’s marketplace. That’s why RadioActive Media has led the way in developing original sponsored podcasts and radio programs for our clients.
Unlike infomercials, our programming is honest, engaging, and polished. By creating sought-after journalistic content, RadioActive’s programs build credibility with information-hungry listeners fatigued by traditional advertising pitches.

RadioActive Media has developed and launched a sponsored audio program that helped homebuyers and homeowners reach their goals. This program aired in over 35 markets. Some other unique projects we’ve helped develop and distribute include:

• Expedia Travel Radio (125 markets nationwide, with sponsors including Microsoft, AT&T)
• The E-Trade Weekend Report
• A Touch of Romance
• The Mating Game (sponsored by Meet a Mate)
• HR Radio (60min weekly show geared towards small to medium businesses and job seekers)

Give us a call today to discuss how to hurdle past your competitors with original programming.

Innovative analysis
Supporting your media buying efforts.

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make, is spending a vast amount of money marketing their products or services without monitoring which channels or social media sites perform best . With the constant advent of new technology, and new social media platforms, now more than ever it is important to assess which platforms perform best

Each site must be evaluated for efficacy and percentage of sales it brings in for the client. By utilizing MULTI FUNNEL ATTRIBUTION RadioActive Media determines the best course of action for each individual campaign. We know that an increase in traffic or sales, or an upsurge in search engine or social media activity cannot be necessarily attributed to just one source. As a result, RadioActive Media carefully measures multiple channels in attributing the origins of each campaign.

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    Reporting & Insights

    • Complete Transparency
    • Comprehensive, real-time reporting on cross-media campaigns
    • Proprietary audience data
    • Exclusive verification tools
    • Audio & written transcripts of ads
    • Pre & Post Logs & Affidavits each month.
    • Seamless reporting integration for clients

Since our agency’s founding we have had a distinct focus on media accountability. RadioActive Media offers exhaustive research, tracking, and analysis of all its media efforts which come together to provide a complete view of marketing’s impact. We are able to measure both within channel and across channel performance enabling us to improve a specific media channel and the entire marketing mix. This approach has helped our brands scale based on performance (ROI).