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We’re fans of radio. Growing up in Southern California, we were raised on talk radio. We’re passionate about it. At RadioActive Media, with our passion comes the drive to make radio perform for our clients.

Radio’s Data Initiatives Lauded By Agencies

Recently, marketing has been harder than ever and as marketers expect more results out of their ad agencies. Despite the challenges, radio is saying current and progressive by using new technology for data and buying systems, attribution analytics and research which proves ROI (return on investment). Radio’s new improvement in data analytics have made it a hot seat in advertising … Read More

The Time For Radio is Here and Now.

Radio Takes the ‘Hot Seat’ Once Again in the Marketing Landscape In the advent of such an intense and competitive media world, there are always going to be winners and losers. As of late, digital media is faced with lots of problems such as ad fraud and issues with placement. Similarly, broadcast television is losing viewers as many switch to … Read More

The Power of Radio Agencies

     Recently, RadioActive Media, a radio advertising and marketing agency, worked with a Toronto based company, Jiffy, in order to revolutionize their campaign for the better. Jiffy is an app that works to promote the vision that “Home maintenance should be quick, easy and booked with a few taps” by helping clients book reputable tradespeople to help with home … Read More