3 Advantages to Advertising on Podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity, and their creators are looking for ways to monetize their product. A natural outgrowth of this is a phenomenal opportunity for businesses (or anyone with a message) to advertise on podcasts.

If you’re not sure if podcasts are the right vehicle for your message, here are a few advantages of the format to consider:

Niche Markets

According to Statista, the penetration of podcast consumption in the US is hovering at about 15%. That’s a healthy, if not overwhelming, penetration, but it becomes much more impressive when you consider the focused audience reach they provide. Depending on the podcast, the audience may be tuning in for something as specific as a play-by-play commentary about the latest episode of a popular television show. This variety allows advertisers to focus in as tightly as they choose, reaching out to their core audience, or encroaching on a competitor’s turf.

The Personal Pitch

While it’s possible to have a pre-recorded spot placed on a podcast, it’s far more effective to have the podcast host deliver a pitch themselves. Podcasts connect with people in a very direct, personal way, and the hosts can be perceived as a friend rather than a marketer. This personal connection means that advertising on podcasts doesn’t feel intrusive to the listener.

Tech Savvy Audience

The one thing that all podcast listeners have in common is that they are comfortable using technology. Even though the apps used to collect and play podcasts are very user friendly – iTunes being a primary example – there still has to be a certain comfort level in order to do so.

A secondary common factor is that podcast consumers have enough disposable income that they’re able to purchase and maintain whatever device they use to listen to podcasts. Though the demographics often skew towards the young side, advertising on podcasts can be an excellent way to bring your message in front of a tech savvy, specific market with the funds to act on your call to action.