About RadioActive Media

RadioActive Media works with well funded start ups and venture capital firms to develop turn-key strategies to enhance their investments using the power of radio and podcasting.

Local and National Radio Marketing

The typical American encounters 5,000 advertising messages each day. Breaking through to transform listeners into customers requires a proven plan of action tested by years of experience. As long-time veterans of the radio industry, RadioActive Media has created radio campaigns responsible for taking brands to the next level, and will do so for your company as well.

Proprietary Tracking Technology

Our proprietary Radio Text Messaging (RTM) Service generates up to 9 times MORE qualified leads for our customers, resulting in better attribution than any other radio marketing agency, showing up to 70% conversion rate life when using Radio, Podcasting, On-line Streaming, along with Outdoor and Digital Media.

Bullet Proof Marketing Strategies

In the world of advertising, RadioActive Media stands alone. Our continued success stems from our ability to strategically air our clients’ messages on the right audio platforms in order to reach the appropriate audiences with the most relevant and engaging messaging. Our team explores a multitude of platforms including: Terrestrial, Satellite (SXM), Podcasting, Online Streaming (Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, iTunes Radio, iHeart, Media) to ensure that you reach your target market with ease. Using our award winning creative department combined with our proprietary RTM (Radio Text Messaging) and RAMalytics, (RadioActive’s Easy to Comprehend Analytics System) technologies allows your campaign to have more precise attribution, resulting in a better ROI with more detailed measurement.

Servicing Clients Big and Small

The RadioActive Media team is made up of members with roots in Audio, Television and Marketing. Our vast experience with small businesses and start-ups allows us unique insight into the needs of our clientele. We work hand in hand with our customers, and take pride in going the extra mile to ensure their success.

A Word From Our Clients

  • “RadioActive has been fantastic for Iron Planet. I love working with them. They do a great job in negotiating deals… getting us the presence we want, getting the ROI we are looking for as we reach a national audience on Sirius, terrestrial radio, and everything. It has been a great experience. I recommend them highly!”
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Iron Planet
  • “RadioActive Media elevated our brand in the minds of consumers. They made our product mainstream and achieved a great return on investment”
    Squatty Potty, LLC
  • “Our company TigerLady has been working with RadioActive Media for the better part of a year, and we’re very pleased with how these guys have helped us navigate the world of radio. Not only have Steve & Jeff helped us identify opportunities that fit well within our budgetary needs, they’ve also helped us better understand and reach our target market. Since working with RadioActive, we’ve seen an increase in awareness and sales and have had the opportunity to test a variety of new messaging strategies in order to hone our marketing. Steve and Jeff know their stuff when it comes to planning a media calendar and have been very open to collaborating on copywriting and overall strategy. Thanks guys!”