Tips for effective radio advertising campaigns.

How Much Does Radio Cost?

Radio marketing strategies are much less expensive than television campaigns, and deliver more qualified customers. Our clients report that radio leads convert at 3 times the rate of other leads. Radio campaigns can target smaller and more specific markets at much lower costs, giving you great return on investment. Plus, radio multiplies the success of your other forms of advertising, and you can see these effects quickly.

To successfully test any marketing campaign, you must invest enough money to see if it is working. When you do a proper test of your radio advertising, you can gauge the value of radio in short period of time. Thus, you can adjust your strategy to improve returns.

So expect to spend a few thousand dollars to get a radio strategy off the ground. This amount can vary depending on where, when, and how you want to advertise.

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Benefits To Using an Advertising Agency

When working with an agency you gain the power of collective bargaining. You can get valuable packages that are only available through preferred agents.

Many networks sell bundles that appear to give more spots, when in reality they do not air when the client wishes. RadioActive Media has long-term relationships in the industry that can save you money and assure the best results.

RadioActive Media’s hands-on approach includes overseeing the scheduling of commercials to ensure that our clients’ spots are running at optimal times – during their business hours, or when they will be most effective. We have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients to “scale-up” their campaigns as they become more successful from integrating radio into their marketing mix.

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