If you’re going to test with radio, test right

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the first questions every prospective client asks us is, “How much does it cost?” Much like asking how much it costs to fly from Los Angeles to New York the answer is, it varies. Much like flights, the cost of advertising varies based on the time of day, time of purchase, air date, and the specific radio personality used to convey your message.

Most agencies have very similar rates for the various “radio” programs they provide. While one agency may offer a rate that is $5-$10 higher per spot for airing a commercial on a specific program, or a specific time of day, they may also have rates which are $5-$10 lower per spot for airing that same spot on another program, causing the overall value to stay the same. That is why it is of paramount importance to hire an advertising firm that provides a well thought-out plan and strategy for how to most effectively spend your advertising dollars. RadioActive Media, devises a media plan based on your individual goals, to ensure you get the most for your investment in advertising. We understand that different products and services require unique advertising strategies. A consumer based product with a $100 price point will benefit from a vastly different strategy than a B2B (Business to Business) offering a $199 monthly service, but both will benefit from effective advertising.

Another thing to consider when purchasing advertising is that any given agency may claim to have the lowest rates, but you must look at what are you actually getting for the money you spend. In other words, what percentage of spots will you receive for the given rates? Will your commercial air once or ten times in a given period of time? Radio Networks’ software allows for traffic managers to give higher priority to clients based on the rates they pay. At RadioActive Media we take pride in providing a balanced strategy for our clients, including utilizing low remnant and discounted upfront rates, and working to clear spots at a rate that meets our clients’ satisfaction.

Why Use RadioActive Media?

When buying a piece of real estate you would likely seek out a qualified agent whose job it is to work on your behalf, rather than choosing to utilize the seller’s agent, whose fiduciary duty is to represent the seller’s interests. Why, would you go direct to a radio network for your marketing campaign, when the network representative’s goal is to meet their quarterly budget quotas? An agency’s bread and butter is based on their ability to make their clients successful and earn their continued business.

When working with an agency you have the power of collective bargaining. You are often offered valuable packages that are only available through preferred agents. RadioActive Media has a macro prospective, designing long-term sustainable programs for our clients enabling them to “walk before they run”. Hence we assist our clients to “scale-up” their campaigns as they become more comfortable and successful from integrating radio into their marketing mix.

RadioActive Media’s hands-on approach includes overseeing the scheduling of commercials to ensure that our clients’ spots are running at optimal times, during their business hours, or when they will be most effective. When buying “packages” directly from the network it is difficult to ensure that spots will be played at specific times. Many networks sell bundles that appear to give more spots, when in reality they do not allow for the spots to be aired when the client wishes.

Some of the Podcasts & Radio
Shows we work with

RadioActive Media’s core value is Integrity.

We take pride in our clients’ success.

RadioActive Media is an independent media planning, buying and creative agency founded in 2008 on the tenet that a client’s return on investment (ROI) should be at the forefront of its advertising efforts. We are committed to providing the highest level of service for our clients.

Our unique blend of expertise in working with well-known radio personalities and direct response advertising allows us to urge passive listeners to become active customers at astonishing rates.
Work with us and we will craft an advertising campaign around your goals and within your budget. Whether your needs include advertising on small podcasts or mounting a national radio campaign with high-profile endorsements, we will help you to establish and execute the most effective campaign possible.

Once your campaign is in motion, we don’t stop working or “coast” on what we’ve already achieved.
At RadioActive Media, we understand that to be effective, radio advertising campaigns must be able to quantify their impact, and should be adjusted as needed. That’s why we back up our commitment to you by delivering measurable results. By assessing the success of your campaign on a daily basis, we become highly attuned to what works best. Our goal is a long-term relationship, during which attention is paid to continually improving your campaign, and notifying you of new opportunities to enhance your success.