Storytelling Making A Comeback Through Podcasts

Stories have followed us since ancient times. Anecdotal information has been passed down from many generations ago that we still hold dearly to our hearts. Storytelling has stuck with us today because they continue to draw us in. Stories have this universal structure where the protagonist faces a conflict, thus bringing attention to the listener, and it engages them. There is this narrative transportation that we go through; it’s when we only want to give attention to something when it matters. The story needs to be personal enough to be able to resonate with the audience. The listener’s imagination is stimulated through the dramatized audio structure; through this, we can generate more vivid images.


Audio is the most intimate form of media because you are continually building your image. Even in this digital era, we still revert back to older traditional forms of oral storytelling. We maintain this fantastic legacy through podcasts. The incredible technology of today enhances storytelling and reaches a broader audience and gives more people that intimate connection with a story. What researchers have also noticed is that listeners pay more attention when there are sound effects. They have noted that without sound effects, people are not as engaged. To have a successful podcast, you must have sound effects; it cannot just be narrative alone.


More and more people are listening to podcasts in this day and age. These listeners are even choosing podcasts over using Twitter. This is something that businesses need to be paying attention to. It was found that the episode completion rate is at 90%. This means that most ads that are run through podcasts are being heard. Podcasts are the way to go if you are looking for a medium that reaches a big audience and can influence new consumers to purchase your brand.