The Rush Limbaugh Effect Is Powerful

Rush Limbaugh has been the number one talk radio host in the country and has held that position for over two decades. Still to this day, his program reaches an audience of over 11.6 million listeners each week. His program airs on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations throughout the US. Almost all stations air the program live. His audience’s predominant age is from 25 to 54, and his weekly cume (total listeners) for adult’s ages 21 and over is over 11 million listeners per week! Because Rush is such a powerful force on radio, his show is one of the hottest spots for advertisers. If you want to grow brand awareness and offline acquisitions at a low CPM (Cost Per Thousand), using his show to reach millions of listeners a week is THE WAY to go.


Many of our clients have experienced firsthand the “Rush Limbaugh effect”. Recently, one of them decided to run two, 60-second commercials during one week. RadioActive Media was able to secure a discounted Remnant Rate that was 1/3 of the published rate card for each of these spots. One of the spots aired on a Tuesday at 10:43am PT, and the other aired on a Friday 11:43am PT.


Here’s what happened before the first spot aired…at 10:40 am PT on Tuesday, our marketing team stood by in anticipation to witness the power of Rush. All of us were fixated on the client’s Shopify and Google Analytics dashboards, which showed approximately five visitors to the site. Three minutes later the first spot hit the airwaves. What happened next, even surprised us. After almost 25 years on the air, Rush’s audience showed incredible resilience. Within 1 minute after the spot aired on over 500 stations, a “tidal wave” of traffic hit the client’s website, unlike anything we ever witnessed! 1,400 visitors blossomed instantly to 4,122. Seconds later it jumped to 5,803. Five minutes later it jumped to 5,822. We watched as the sales on the client’s site also continued to grow, Grow, and GROW until ten minutes after the spot aired the amount peaked to a whopping 6,405 visitors!



Our team was “bouncing off the walls” with excitement! It was quite the sight to see. The number of people visiting their web page skyrocketed. We were cheering and hollering as we saw the numbers to the page rapidly increase. The client was able to achieve an incredible ROI due to all of this. This wasn’t just people looking up our client, these were people that were actually there and ready to buy. When audiences are offered good deals, they are more inclined to buy. Preparation for getting spots like these on such huge shows is imperative. Any of our clients must anticipate the surge of traffic and be ready to handle such a big rush. By doing this you guarantee huge sales and you secure them.


Wouldn’t you like to generate the same results? We have been able to secure and lock down these spots for our clients on Rush Limbaugh, and have continuously seen the effect his show can have for them. Through our years of experience and connections, we can provide you with the same results at one-third of the cost you would normally pay for commercial spots like these. Our secret? Find out and contact RadioActive Media. Drive traffic to your website, generate ROI, and build your brand’s name!