The Time For Radio is Here and Now.

Radio Takes the ‘Hot Seat’ Once Again in the Marketing Landscape

In the advent of such an intense and competitive media world, there are always going to be winners and losers. As of late, digital media is faced with lots of problems such as ad fraud and issues with placement. Similarly, broadcast television is losing viewers as many switch to streaming alternatives. The decline of these other forms of media has gotten agency executives to believe that radio could be on the rise again with a mixture of luck and timing in the media

Some people saw radio as a thing of the past that didn’t keep up with the times through things like data and attribution tools, as people are using digital media and discovering the downsides, radio is becoming a favorable and highly demanded alternative. Large marketers are realising that the traditional media staples of TV and radio can be powerful and influential and are coming back to these forms of marketing with the analytics, data, and tools to prove and extend the influence.

Marketers want their ads in environments that work for their message and are safe, but when large and popular video sharing sites have an array of extremist content where clients’ ads are showing up on, a problem is appearing,  While these sites have tried to adapt by giving ad channels and users more control over placement, the option to have more control is always a better option. Radio is a much safer alternative where there is a lot more control compared to digital media and the radio of decades ago with more unsavory hosts.

Additionally, audiences who are consuming audio are only expanding so radio is in the hot seat for agencies. This shift in consumption is largely due to smart devices and speakers, combined with the expansion and explosion of the podcast medium. When you combine larger audiences with advanced data and analytics software, the audio medium is becoming one more and more worthy to invest in. Additionally, as the world is more on the go as cars, people, and commutes are skyrocketing, so is the audience of radio, which is a very attentive one at that.

Radio Has Great Synergy With Other Media Forms

Radio is also a unique medium with a lot of value, which is becoming more apparent with new research. It’s been known that radio is powerful due to its reach and influence over consumers, but research is showing it has powerful synergy with other media forms and make them more effective. Radio generates awareness and changes in perception as well as reactive elements on digital media to help amplify its strengths. Traditional media can help add on value in the digital media landscape, which some people have forgotten, and some large advertisers are picking up on.

Radio is also extremely cost efficient because it has more opportunity for results in an affordable way without as high fees and commissions in the digital landscape. Some buyers even believe radio is stronger than other traditional media forms like TV in terms of delivering products and getting results.

Another thing working in radio’s favor is that technology has made getting radio data easier, and that data is getting to marketers to help determine their plans. This has helped agencies and marketers see the power of radio in scale and immediacy, making it a great place to invest in. This is coupled with seeing the negative results and issues with over-extending in digital media and slashing spending on traditional media. Radio is easier to plan in a marketing mix is more memorable than digital media, so broadcast is working its way back into marketing.

A great example of emerging analytics software is RadioActive Media’s exclusive software, RAMalytics, which provides a clear “X-Ray” type of analysis of previous, current and future radio marketing campaigns. This exclusive new tool allows our agency to finally measure an advertiser’s lift in website traffic following a radio spot, in eight minute increments. Armed with an analysis of consumer movement, RAMalytics gives clients a clear understanding of their most successful creative and day part executions, as well as the immense impact of radio in an overall marketing mix. It is a measurement tool designed to illustrate the ROI and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and how radio does drives website traffic in a synergistic way. If interested, feel free to contact us at RadioActive Media!

The digital world and media landscape has increased the channels to market through, but radio has remained a tried and true method and key component to many plans for their clients. Radio is not only staying strong and relevant, it is evolving further to increase its importance and stake in advertising which is promising for networks, clients, marketers and audiences alike.