The Power of Radio Agencies

     Recently, RadioActive Media, a radio advertising and marketing agency, worked with a Toronto based company, Jiffy, in order to revolutionize their campaign for the better. Jiffy is an app that works to promote the vision that “Home maintenance should be quick, easy and booked with a few taps” by helping clients book reputable tradespeople to help with home maintenance, in a swift and easy manner. Jiffy is currently targeting  local Canadian Toronto stations CFRB and CHUM AM, and will launch an ad campaign in Boston this fall. RadioActive Media is helping consult and produce ads, which is a gleaming example of how a radio agency can help personalize your campaigns and reach your target audiences.     

     At the beginning, Jiffy’s campaign featured a lot of 30 second spots, as opposed to the standard 60 second spot. Additionally, none of their pre-produced spots featured any calls to action or forms of audience engagement, making it unclear whether or not the campaign was reaching who it needed to. When you don’t have an agency on your side, it’s easy to put ads out into the frequencies, just hoping they reach someone. However, with an ad agency on your side, specialists can help you create the campaign and plan that works best for you and will get you the feedback, analytics, and data you need to move forward and better engage audiences and connect them to your products.

     When RadioActive Media, a radio agency specializing in direct response advertising on podcasts and radio, stepped in to help finish off the Toronto campaign and prep the Boston campaign, they were able to better tailor the campaign to Jiffy’s needs. Instead of just the 30 second spots they were running.  Jiffy’s campaign now has 30 and 60 second spots airing, and even 10-15 second traffic spots, creating a more holistic approach. Similarly, they were able to have influencers like prominent sports radio talk show host Scott MacArthur and radio hostess Barb DiGuilio do endorsements on local radio stations. These endorsements were not only personalised recommendations from influencers with loyal fanbases, but also they also included calls to action, in the form of codes, in order to engage viewers and give them the incentive to download Jiffy. Moreover, the campaign is targeting talk radio, as opposed to music radio, because listeners exhibit more loyal listening trends are more likely to stay tuned to talk radio.

     With a radio agency on your side, you don’t just get the standard, run of the mill ads that people might change the channel when they hear. They are ads that reach people by using people the audience cares about, giving the listener a reason to engage with the product, and targets the target audience from all angles, in all time slots. Radio agencies work to make  ad campaigns solely focused on our clients needs and not the station or networks goals/bottom line, which helps make advertising your products or services over the radio air waves all the more powerful.

Check out an example of one of Jiffy’s latest ads voiced by Scott MacArthur below, created through RadioActive Media:

Check out Jiffy at and on the App Store for iOS and Android