The RTM (Radio Text Message) suite of products empowers radio stations to directly engage the audience. Listeners send a text message and get a sponsored response from you!

Radio enhances your brand while increasing the number of advertising opportunities. You’ll get detailed logs with phone numbers to integrate with your own marketing attribution. The local community becomes engaged and will be more likely to make a purchase down the road.

RadioActive Media is an industry leader with innovative solutions for accurate attribution of your campaigns. RadioActive’s RTM revolutionizes interaction with your audience.

Radio enhances your brand while increasing the number of advertising opportunities. Steve Pollak

Custom Report Integration For Radio Campaigns

For advertisers, text messaging metrics can be a goldmine. Firms can tally the response to campaigns not only by time and programming, but also by user area codes (and phone number), number of occurrences, and soon, even location to better understand their audience.

RadioActive Media’s RTM clients can measure detailed audience participation for each campaign. In addition, the station can create opt in TextBLAST alerts and local directories of their advertisers.

Break Into A New Audience

In many communities radio is the primary sources for local news and information. RadioActive Media offers a broad suite of marketing solutions. Text Messaging opt-in, when coupled with radio advertising, turns listeners into customers.

RadioActive Media’s suite includes text directories, blast campaigns, and scheduled “hot deals.” These tools extend radio’s brand to the mobile phone and consequently, the number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

In our networks, the “Radio Text Message” brand is synonymous with local deals and sponsored information.

More than 42% of the US population regularly uses text messaging and the number of messages grows 20-25% quarterly.

With a conversion rate on targeted mobile advertising of nearly 12%; station advertisers are likely to see a substantial ROI.Jeff Pollak

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Votes and keywords

Voting campaigns and keywords are created on a private web portal. The portal includes secure access to reports documenting audience inquiries.


Blasts can be created and scheduled on the web portal. RadioActive Media provides broadcasters with the tools to collect text messaging numbers on its website. Broadcasters then store the numbers in RadioActive’s secure database for ease-of-use in creating a new blast campaigns.

Audience inputs

Each station is assigned a keyword such as the call name. Text messages to the call name will be posted on a refreshing webpage.


Local listings and events are uploaded and periodically synchronized to RadioActive’s database.


The RTM system is capable of receiving and sending thousands of messages at a time. Multimedia capacity depends on the file size. Unlike e-mail, TextBLASTs are generally sent during the day.

  • Detailed multimedia information
  • Advertisers can track phone numbers to evaluate campaign metrics
  • “Sticky” product promotion
  • High conversion rate
  • Timely
  • Text messaging has no SPAM filters
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