Building Brands with Radio Ad Campaigns How Advertising Can Make a Brand Attractive to Buyers

By Steve Pollak

It makes a great story when an ad campaign can not only build the awareness of a brand, but also build the value and visibility of a business to make it attractive to prospective buyers.

Matrix Diabetic, a diabetic supply company, started a radio advertising test with Salem Radio Networks. They used talk show celebrity Mike Gallagher to do live reads. Gallagher had a personal story to tell. His son was diabetic and he appreciated having supplies delivered to his house. The :60 spot campaign worked well and began to expand on its success.

Other talk show celebrities were added to the campaign. Rush Limbaugh, Doug Stephan, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved were some who recorded voiced spots. Additionally, pre-produced spots were aired on Sirius & XM Satellite Radio. All were designed to drive traffic to the website and phones.

After two years, Access Diabetic, Matrix’ biggest competitor, became interested in Matrix after hearing their campaign on the radio. They then stepped up to purchase the company.